Transforming International Collaboration

We are passionate about creating inclusive and generative environments, understanding with empathy ourselves and others, and constructing and supporting transformational teams, all in a multicultural environment.

Cultural workshops & presentations

We create customized workshops to explore the topic of culture and the implications for the participants. We work with leaders or organizers of open courses, corporate academies, intact teams, and others to create a workshop design tailored to the needs.

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High Performance Teams

Instead of hoping your team achieves high performance, we recommend to increase the probability by providing support through a team coaching intervention. We provide a range of services, depending on the context, goals and vision.

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Diversity &

To drive performance in a changing marketplace, your project teams need to work together to find creative and innovative solutions to your most pressing challenges. When people bring different ideas, they can build on each other for innovative breakthroughs.

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The world is becoming more and more interdependent as suppliers, customers and colleagues work all over the world. Project teams and business units cross boundaries and experience the satisfaction and challenge of working with people from other cultures, even as differences in communication, management styles, decision making, and other business aspects come to the fore.