Transforming International Collaboration

interact-icons-01 CULTURAL COMPETENCE

Develop the ability to work with colleagues and stakeholders from different cultures.

interact-icons-02 LEADING VIRTUAL TEAMS

Creating a thriving team which achieves results, even though they rarely meet in person.

interact-icons-03TEAM DEVELOPMENT

Responsive and beneficial support for the development of a team from storming to excellence.

interact-icons-04CULTURE AND VALUES

Company culture and values – consciously creating a company with purpose.


Learning to seek and encourage different perspectives and points of view.

interact-icons-06BOOK – In Progress

Leading Across Cultures Virtually

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What people say about us

The client was so happy and impressed by Theresa’s facilitation and her talent to engage the group with her interactive style.  They also valued her practical approach and ability to make the research relevant.   Although Theresa has an easy friendly style, she is also able to gently challenge long held beliefs which may be limiting. 


Instead of using local facilitators to roll-out the program, the client insisted that Theresa facilitate all the workshops around the world.  They recognized that her style and approach fit perfectly with the material in a way that would be difficult to replicate. 


Henk den Dekker

Managing Partner Trompenaars Hampden-Turner

December 2014

Case Studies

How we support people working internationally