Interact Global was established to be part of the new way of working


Our purpose is to help teams connect. We eliminate the hurdles that block a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other. This is achieved through customized workshops, facilitated conversations, team support and coaching.


Our principles

We want to be your trusted partner.

At Interact Global we are curious about your intention, not only your behaviour. To design your customized workshop, we listen deeply to understand you and your team. We create an environment where everyone will feel valued and provide different ways for participants to express their opinions.


About Theresa Sigillito Hollema

Theresa is the contact point for Interact Global. She taps into her network of experienced professionals to create the team to serve you best. With over 25 years of experience, Theresa has a portfolio of leadership positions and experiences which have broadened her understanding of the challenges facing business professionals today. Her approach to training, facilitation and team coaching is grounded in current business realities with an eye towards the future.

Theresa’s career path has led to working with different cultures and teams. She began her career in accounting/financial reporting, which led to managing ERP implementation projects and post-merger integration programs across Central and Eastern Europe. It was the interactions with people across cultures that fascinated Theresa, especially the potential to leverage diversity of ideas for creativity and higher performance.

The passion for culture and diversity grew as well as Theresa’s knowledge and understanding. ¬†In 2007, Theresa provided training and consulting for large multi-national and global organizations with Trompenaars Hampden-Turner. ¬†Theresa’s interactive style is the reason the participants in her workshops are always engaged. She believes the wisdom is with the participants. Theresa is there to facilitate the discovery of oneself, colleagues, organization and society to lead to cooperation, personal growth and achieving shared goals. She welcomes new ideas and is always eager to explore with her colleagues and clients to create breakthroughs together.

Theresa is an experienced speaker and workshop facilitator on the following topics:

Developing Cultural Competence
Developing International Teams
Working Virtually
Leading Multi-cultural Virtual Teams


Originally from the US, Theresa has lived in Europe since 1997. She received her MBA from University of Michigan, graduating with high academic distinction, including the receipt of the Henry Ford II Award for academic excellence.

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