Virtual Teams Across Cultures

By Theresa Sigillito Hollema
Foreword by Fons Trompenaars , author of Riding the Waves of Culture


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Virtual Teams Across Cultures examines what makes multicultural virtual teams tick – why they’re different and how to unlock their true potential. Drawing on 25 years of professional experience, academic research and interviews with team leaders around world, Theresa Sigillito Hollema offers practical frameworks for understanding the dynamics of global teams. Full of real-life examples and actionable advice, this book provides a blueprint for ensuring that remote, multicultural teams can thrive in today’s connected business world.

Virtual Teams Across Cultures helps leaders shift teams to the next level by:

  • becoming more confident working across cultures and leading virtually
  • creating a productive team environment where everyone is a valued contributor, regardless of where they are
  • turning the team’s cultural diversity into its greatest asset
  • focusing on connecting people across enabling technology


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“Theresa has done an excellent job of reviewing the working of remote teams from the lens of Culture.. a much needed perspective. The book has a nice combination of academic research and the stories of remote teams…making it an easy read.” 

Amit Mittal
Vice President, Talent and Organizational Development, Tetra Pak International SA


“Building global virtual teams across cultures that truly maximize the value of their diversity has never been more important for organizations. Theresa reveals the ‘soft factors’ that drive hard outcomes. Her blend of rigorous research and hands-on experience delivers invaluable insights, case-based examples and engaging tools – Team Taco Test anyone? –  for leaders, HR experts and anyone committed to improving outcomes for business and their people. ” 

Diane Moody
Vice President, Organizational Development & Culture, Royal DSM


“Engaging and insightful. The conceptual argument is powerful and most of the authors’ suggestions are practical and common sense. A recommendation for global leaders to facilitate cultural bridges to enable a diverse team to thrive.”  

Marlene de Koning
Director, Solutions Design EMEA-Workplace Intelligence, Microsoft and President, Professional Women’s Network-Amsterdam


“This book is perfect for any virtual leader, and I know many leaders and teams in India who would benefit. Globalization is here to stay, and we all must develop to leverage the capabilities we have in different locations. Theresa has put a microscope to the virtual experience and this well-researched book is full of compelling ideas and practical solutions. The three ways culture impacts virtual teams is insightful and the four Leadership Levers are relevant for all leaders, but she has given the twist for virtual context. A must-read for anyone working virtually!”

Hari T.N.
Co-author, Saying No to Jugaad–The Making of Bigbasket


“We’ve morphed into a virtual world now, in our work and our lives, with a myriad of new opportunities and challenges. Here Theresa has unpacked both, in a depth and detail extremely useful to any of us in cross-cultural and virtual arenas. This is a pioneering piece of work in how to navigate and use best practices to optimize our engagements in an expansive and novel horizon.”

David Allen
Author, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity