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Leading Multi-Cultural Virtual Teams

Theresa and Surinder have never met in person. Yet, they are writing a book together on leading and working in multi-cultural virtual teams. They are clearly living what they are writing!

Surinder is a Professor at SUNY – Binghampton, NY.  Theresa is a consultant headquartered in The Netherlands.  Given their complementary skills and the diversity of their backgrounds, they are the perfect team to write a book on leading across cultures virtually.  They are exploring the robust academic research and translating this into practical applications for business leaders and teams.

Our book is to support people’s aspirations to be better leaders. 

We are interested in your story.  We have done the research, and have been working with clients, but we want to hear more.  We want examples for our book of success – how are you succeeding with your virtual team?  How are you building the team spirit; how are you achieving results; what lessons have you learned?    Would you like to contribute to the conversation in this field?

     Contact us at info@interact-global.net