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    Theresa Sigillito Hollema is the contact point for Interact Global, and she taps into her network of experienced professionals to create the team to serve you best.   With over 25 years of experience, Theresa has had a portfolio of leadership positions and experiences which have broadened her understanding of the challenges and complexity facing business professionals today. Consequently, her approach to training, facilitation and team coaching is grounded in current business reality with an eye towards the emerging future.”



    The client was so happy and impressed by Theresa’s facilitation and her talent to engage the group with her interactive style.  They also valued her practical approach and ability to make the research relevant.   Although Theresa has an easy friendly style, she is also able to gently challenge long held beliefs which may be limiting.

    Instead of using local facilitators to roll-out the program, the client insisted that Theresa facilitate all the workshops around the world.  They recognized that her style and approach fit perfectly with the material in a way that would be difficult to replicate.

    Henk den Dekker
    Managing Partner Trompenaars Hampden-Turner

    I would like to thank Interact Global for their support on making the day perfect.  My team was positively impressed by the contents and the way Theresa Hollema ran the session. 
         Director Virtual Team 

    The design and delivery for the team was inspiring.  You have a new way of looking at global teams and helped the team to think in next steps. 
         Manager, Leadership & Development 

    Great! Very useful and Theresa facilitated this difficult topic in an amazing way.
         Manager Virtual Team 

    I would strongly recommend to make this course mandatory, starting from the top management. Our company, as other companies in the world, face the challenge of globalization and digitalization. As I see, the vital knowledge we have received during this course is necessary throughout the entire company. 
         Participant review, Collaborating Across Cultures Remotely