Monika  Navandar

Monika Navandar portrait

Monika wants to meet you, as she is passionate about networking and mentoring.  She has 17+ years of multi-industry HR experience in both the emerging and developed markets. She has led various HR leadership roles in India, USA, Italy, Singapore, Dubai, and South Africa supporting the global C-suite leaders.  Monika is a Thought Leader in the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Talent Management and Cultural  Competence areas.  She frequently speaks at renowned regional and international forums including conferences, business schools & colleges.  Monika brings her humor and deep insights when facilitating teams, presenting at conferences or coaching one-on-one.  She is an avid traveller and speaks 5 languages.


Pilar Orti

Pilar Orti

Pilar is a well-known person in the remote and virtual cultural community.  She is the voice behind the 21st Century podcast and connects often with the people who are researching, experiment and running remote organizations.  She brings these insights to her work as a facilitator and consultant for people, teams and organizations that want to improve how they work. She also supports leveraging the benefits of asynchronous communication by helping people and organizations to podcast. Pilar is fluent in English and Spanish. 



Gabriela Weglowska

Gabriela WeglowskaThe multi-talented Gabi is a learning & development professional with expertise in areas such as intercultural competence training and consulting, learning solutions design, diversity and inclusion.  She has been working in the international business environment for 14 years, including the last seven years designing and delivering training for clients from around the world, including pharmaceutical and technological companies based in India, UK, USA and Poland. She is also a lecturer at University of Surrey on intercultural communication. Gabi speaks English, Polish and Spanish. 



Mary Jane  Roy

Mary Jane Roy

Mary Jane wants to help you thrive, reduce stress and be resilient, which are crucial for global collaboration. She has many methodologies depending on your needs.  She is certified as: Resiliency Coach | Stress Counselor | Sleep Coach | Happiness @ Work Coach | Foundations of Positive Psychology, Univ. of Penn | Science of Well-being, Yale Univ. | Skogsfloating Trainer | NLP Master Practitioner. All add to her mastery of the skills needed to thrive.  Mary Jane has a sunny disposition that brings energy to her engagements.  She speaks English and Dutch. 


Kristina  Zumpolle

Kristina ZumpolleKristina is an experienced coach, workshop leader and team facilitator who brings wisdom and positive energy to each encounter.  Her broad cultural and professional experiences have shaped her expansive and innovative coaching style.  She co-authored Finding Flow, a book that contains an abundance of the most effective activities and routines that can be used to connect with yourself and others.  Kristina is vibrant, positive and a glass half full kind of coach.  She speaks English, Swedish and Dutch.