We know the potential for Multi-cultural Virtual Teams is high but the challenges are also ever present.  Many teams members struggle to build trust with people they have never met; often global project leaders feel overwhelmed trying to give direction to people with other local priorities; team members feel disengaged with their colleagues who appear uninterested during long teleconference meetings.  We have heard these examples and many more from various teams we have met in the past.

The potential for multi-cultural virtual team to outperform local teams has been proven.   The diversity of ideas combined with the geographic reach can have a positive impact on creativity and performance.  The hurdle is that this requires a new way of working, inspiring, connecting, building trust and achieving results.

We work with multicultural teams to reach their potential.  We design programs which address all three elements of the team:  cultural competence, virtual competence and team development.   We know that team members need to work together virtually thus we design programs that include exercises and conversations using the technology available.  We uncover the impact of cultural differences on the team and help team members to use the diversity as a strength.  We understand the development process of a team and support the team as needed at each development stage.  By incorporating the culture, team development and virtual working simultaneously, we are able to create a learning and sharing space that mirrors the reality of the team.

Would you like to know how we can support your multi-cultural virtual team so they can reach their potential.  Contact us at info@interact-global.net