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We are writing a Book and here are Case Studies which may be of interest.


CALDO Model for Successful Global Virtual Teams – flyer (pdf)

CALDO Model for Global Virtual Teams – a whitepaper (pdf)



Leading Virtual Team

Creating a Shared Team Identity for a Virtual Team   (pdf)

Who Knows What on a Virtual Team  (pdf)

Open Door Policy for Virtual Team Managers  (pdf)

Story Telling with a Virtual Team   (pdf)

Team Building Online Feasible or Inconceivable   (pdf)

Developing Cultural Competence

Don’t Waste a Cultural Bridge   (pdf)

Unconscious Bias and 20 Ways We All Screw-up (pdf)

Unconscious Bias Chart (for above article)

High Performance Culture

5 Principles to Boost Open Dialogue  (pdf)

FAIR PROCESS for Better Decisions   (pdf)