Influencing Virtually

How to influence virtually when your target is geographically somewhere else:  Rational argument, Coalition and… Intermediary!  Theresa gives an example of how an intermediary helped Tony get his point across.  Here is an excerpt from the book Virtual Teams Across Cultures on influencing.

Creative Process in Multicultural Teams

If you understand the creative process of multicultural teams, then you can take steps to improve it and support the team.  In this short video, Theresa maps out the creative process.

Recovery Time for Virtual Teams

People actually like working virtually on international teams.  Strange but true!  But only if they have recovery time.  In this video, Theresa explains how it all works.


Colleagues can feel disconnected due to the geographic distance, cultural diversity and technology.  But the team identity can help bring connections in the team.  In this video, Theresa offers practical ideas for building the team spirit.