Teams progress through a journey of development that is influenced by many variables – new people, changing directives, organizational transitions, etc.  Through this process, team members struggle or thrive, often depending on the collaboration, shared purpose, structures, leadership, and commitment.  As external facilitators, we work with teams to unblock their potential and bring more energy and higher performance.

Each team is unique with a specific context and team culture.  Although we reference proven models and current research during our workshops, we approach each team as distinctive.  We are curious to learn more by engaging beforehand through interviews and being open to the dynamics during the sessions.

The development of a team is quite complex and should be viewed systemically through a lens that looks at the team dynamics holistically.   Team members need to have critical conversations which identify the blockades and release the potential.  We create the space for these conversations by preparing a very flexible structure which can adapt to the needs at the moment.

Through diagnostics, interviews and exercises we uncover the patterns and assumptions which may be blocking the team members from working together and achieving results.   Our approach is to design workshops and longer term programs which are customized to the needs and aspirations of the team.  We rely on a variety of tools, exercises, questions, models and methods which together form a structure from which critical and often unexpected dialogues can occur.

Our underlying principles when working with teams:

  • Recognize and respect the diversity of the team in terms of backgrounds and ideas, which can be a source of tension and team creativity.
  • Explore the development of the team in the context of the purpose and results the team members want to achieve.
  • Make explicit the assumptions of the team members, and the impact of those assumptions on the behavior of the team members and the culture of the team.
  • Embrace the essence of the team and who they want to become together.
  • Continuously stay attuned to ‘what is happening in the room’. Adapt to the changes and support the team always.

Contact us to learn more about how we could help your team to make better connections and improve their collaboration together.  info@interact-global.net